Learners tell us about their time in Kylemore CTC

Niamh, 20

“This time last year, I never thought or dreamt that I would go to college. I left school early at 16. I really did not know what to do next. The Social Welfare told me about Kylemore CTC. I was so nervous coming for the interview. I was so surprised by how welcoming and friendly the staff were to me. I really enjoyed my experience. I loved the small classes and how supportive the instructors were. One year later, I completed my Level 4 Award and got accepted into college to do Travel and Tourism. I highly recommend this centre. I will miss everyone but know they are here to support me in my new chapter and journey. Thank you!!”

My name is Liam. I attended Kylemore CTC as a learner over the last 2 years. I loved every minute of it.  I had ups, downs, and doubts but it is the first thing that I ever completed.

Thanks to all the staff for helping me with everything. They are more like a family to be and they have been there for me through my journey in the CTC.

In the centre, I could learn at my own pace. Nobody rushed me or was at me. They only wanted to get the best from me. They did not want the best from me because it is their job, they wanted the best from me because they care. I will miss everybody but know they are here to support me in my next journey. Even during the COVID 19 pandemic, the staff were a huge support to me, and I even managed to start learning online. The classes became the best part of my day and there was always a smile to logon to.

My next step is to move onto college to do a Level 5 course in music. I am nervous but I now have the confidence to believe in myself. Thanks to Kylemore. I will see you soon.

My name is Airo . I came to this CTC to get a level four qualification. I was supported through all of my time here. I liked going on the walks especially the hill walks. They were refreshing and helped clear my mind.

My favourite subjects were Catering and I.T. Career Planning was fun and the work was easy to do. I did not get a chance to do Work Experience because of the COVID 19 pandemic and closure of the centre.

I am moving onto college now to do Level 5 Business and Digital Marketing in Inchicore College.

Thanks to all the instructors for the support. Thanks to Tom, Monica and Rory.